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Addison Snell Laura Segervall Christopher G. Willard Ph.D. Vendor Overview and Outlook: Mellanox in HPC


This Intersect360 Research report presents an overview and outlook for Mellanox in the worldwide high performance computing (HPC) market, as of December 2019.

Mellanox is a major vendor of networking solutions for the worldwide HPC market. Because networking components are often embedded into the price of larger systems (e.g., server clusters or storage systems), Intersect360 Research does not provide estimates of Mellanox’s revenue from HPC. Intersect360 Research does track mentions of Mellanox as an interconnect provider for systems, storage, and local area networks (LANs) by users polled in our HPC Site Census survey.

Drawing on market tracking and surveys from the Intersect360 Research HPC advisory service, this report includes:

  • Data on spending on networks at a category level within HPC
  • Data from Intersect360 Research end-user surveys on Mellanox’s market position within HPC
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Recommendations to Mellanox

“Vendor Overview and Outlook” reports from Intersect360 Research are not sponsored content. Intersect360 Research chooses vendors to cover in such reports based on their position in the marketplace, and the choice to publish this report does not imply the existence—or lack thereof—of a client relationship with the company profiled. The full Intersect360 Research neutrality statement is available on the web at





Key Products

2018 Market Performance

Figure 1. Share of Vendors Named as Interconnect Provider Across All Locales (System, Storage, LAN) in HPC User Site Census Survey (N = 1,418)

Figure 2. Share of Vendors Named as System Interconnect Provider in HPC User Site Census Survey (N = 655)

Figure 3. Share of Vendors Named as Storage Interconnect Provider in HPC User Site Census Survey (N = 348)

Figure 4. Share of Vendors Named as Storage Interconnect Provider in HPC User Site Census Survey (N = 415)


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